Innovative New Products For ISD

ISD are always looking to add value for their clients, and it’s through product innovation that we deliver this.

Some of our biggest customers, such as Buzz Bingo and BJ’s Bingo are already enjoying the power of our latest products… richSMS and eBingo Vouchers.


With richSMS, we’ve taken the humble text message and added some powerful new functionality that will drive SMS marketing success.

Customers receive a standard text message, as before, but instead of losing impact through a short and restrictive text message, the message will contain a link that pushes to a fully branded and interactive landing page. This is a marketer’s dream because now they can concentrate on delivering impactful messaging through the landing page, rather than relying on the text message alone.

What’s more, the landing page can be interactive… containing animations… even scratchcards… all in a bid to maximise the user experience, drive website traffic, and drive sales.

Find out more about the power of richSMS by clicking this link, or contact the team now for a demo.

eBingo Vouchers

Whether you call them Touchpads, Tablets, Bingo Bees, or whatever, we now deliver powerful vouchering through Maxim.

Say goodbye to paper vouchering, and time-consuming reconciliation at Book Sales, if your bingo business relies on vouchers to drive sales and business success, you can now deliver them in a highly targetted and efficient way through Maxim.

Originally set up in Maxim, with valid from/to dates, Ts and Cs, and so on, personalised vouchers can be sent directly to the customer through your normal Maxim-generated marketing, and will appear in a customer’s account as soon as they login to their device when they arrive at your business. They are then redeemed and applied to their account.

No queuing… no stamping… they just sit down, redeem the voucher, and play!

eBingo Vouchers are the best way to improve both the customer and staff experience in one go. Both will benefit from digital vouchering, and your business processes will become more efficient, and sales will improve!

For a demo, and to find out more, please contact the team now.

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Our Clients

‘We have worked with ISD for over 15 years, with both companies prospering through this relationship. Our business has evolved through the innovative products they offer and we have security in the knowledge that ISD understands and caters to the needs of our business.’

Jodie Davis, Marketing Executive
Castle Leisure Ltd

Praesepe has been using the Maxim platform for over ten years.

The system will allow you to segment your database using traditional marketing channels, which drives admissions and footfall to clubs and venues.

Maxim will also link to current self exclusion platforms, keeping your business fully compliant.

The team are constantly enhancing their products in order to keep ahead of the game.

Phil Gibbs, Operations Manager
Praesepe, which incorporates Beacon Bingo and Cashino Gaming

“Carlton has benefitted from a long term relationship with ISD, developing our bingo IT systems. In an ever-changing technological world with the compliance challenges this creates,  it is reassuring to be able to turn to a team who can “speak our language” in a user-friendly way.”

Mike Watret, Managing Director
Carlton Bingo

The Maxim membership system has transformed how we engage with our customers.

In conjunction with the 82830 messaging system, has led to a significant saving on our CRM spend, with improved response rates too, a double win for our business!


Mark Jepp Managing Director
Majestic Bingo

“The ISD team delivered a first rate Membership system that has helped to continue the growth of our Business. They’ve continued to innovate and develop the system and have delivered everything they promised.”

Lee Rich
BJ's Bingo

“ISD offers a bingo membership system unrivalled by any other product; many years of hard-earned experience have enabled the firm to create a user-friendly and flexible product. I can highly recommend ISD’s product.”

Anthony Vines
Praesepe PLC

“ISD provides an excellent service and a very high-quality product. Their knowledge and expertise is excellent and I would have no hesitation in either using ISD or recommending them to anyone else.”

Wayne Davies
Castle Leisure

“ISD delivers on time, and if a change is required the turnaround time is second to none. I found the team extremely approachable and always willing to help. The team has fantastic design and programming abilities.”

Stuart Lawson
Gala Coral Group

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