Maxim CRM is the brain at the centre of your business, driving your marketing decisions and managing your customers

Is your company struggling to effectively manage customer relationships and streamline membership processes?

Then look no further!

Maxim is the leading membership and direct marketing system in UK gaming and a variety of other sectors.

Our flagship product integrates the power of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and membership management systems, revolutionising secure data management and driving marketing success for businesses like yours.


CRM systems are essential for businesses of all sizes, enabling you to build and nurture strong relationships with your customers.

With MAXIM, you gain a comprehensive view of your customers, allowing you to understand their needs, preferences and behaviours. This valuable insight empowers you to personalise your marketing strategies, deliver exceptional customer experiences, and ultimately boost customer loyalty and satisfaction.


Membership management is a critical aspect for many businesses, especially in heavily regulated sectors such as Gaming.

MAXIM goes beyond traditional CRM systems by seamlessly integrating membership management functionalities and compliance. From initial registration and beyond, our system simplifies the entire member’s lifecycle. Enhance engagement and retention rates, while simultaneously reducing administrative overheads.


We fully understand the importance of data security in today’s digital landscape.

With MAXIM, your company can rest assured that sensitive customer and member information is safeguarded at every step.
ISD is accredited with ISO 27001:2013. This means that we have met the global standard for effective information management. Certified organisations can show that they have taken steps to protect data in the event of a breach.


Maxim equips you with the tools you need to take your marketing efforts to new heights.

Harness the power of automation to deliver targeted email and SMS campaigns, personalised offers, and timely communications. Leverage analytics and reporting to gain valuable insights into campaign performance, member engagement, and revenue generation. By understanding what works best for your audience, you can refine your strategies, optimise your ROI, and drive growth.


  • Maxim CRM is simple to run
  • Easy to learn
  • Costs very little to set up
  • Access from anywhere in the world
  • Customise to incorporate your own unique features
  • Caring, dedicated customer support to make your life as easy as possible
  • Choose how to pay
    • Rent Maxim on our hosted server and pay monthly
    • Buy Maxim and host on your own server

Maxim is already the market leader in the UK’s gaming sector, supporting 90% of British Bingo Clubs.

The word has spread about how essential Maxim has become, and due to demand, we have continued to tailor the system. Maxim is now pivotal to the success of over 400 organisations throughout the UK, across Education, Marinas, Hotels, Health clubs and Golf clubs

Whatever your industry sector, using Maxim will transform your customer service, sales, and profitability.




Maxim has a whole host of features and configurable options to give you complete control over your membership. It will help you grow your organisation by running it more effectively.

  • Segment and target your customers as much as you like
  • Connect seamlessly with your customers across any marketing channel
  • Create loyalty programmes with ease
  • Manage your events with style
  • Link Maxim to your EPOS, mobile app or niche software
  • Enable your staff to walk around using Maxim
  • Comply easily with self-exclusion laws
  • Control access by applying authorisation levels
  • Use for staff communication and attendance management

Segment your customers as much as you like

  • Create small groups for highly targeted special offers
    • Use whatever fields you like, e.g. all those who visited on a Wednesday last year; all those who live within a certain radius of your premises
  • Create channel hierarchies to your own specification
    • eg. prioritise a given message to all those in a given postcode area, or all those who say ‘yes’ to receiving SMS text messages
  • Interrogate your data however you like – in real time
  • It’s easy to use interfaces to query your data. For example, if you want to find everyone who attended last night and spent over £2,000, or you need to know the drive times from your school to their homes to create specific targeted communications – whatever you want to know, Maxim can tell you.
  • Send or receive any conceivable report with real-time data
  • How has this marketing campaign done? How many times has that child been off sick? What times of the day did this customer visit? How many new customers have joined this month? How many have lapsed? When did they lapse?
  • When you need to report and discuss information, Maxim will present it in a user-friendly format.

Connect with your customers and members across any marketing channel, either instantly or using pre-scheduled messages for effective use of time, including:

  • SMS text messaging in the most cost-effective way
  • Maxim sends out reminders, alerts and promotions by text so they are quick, easy and cost-effective
  • Our service automatically cleans the numbers for the operator to save you paying for delivery of texts to obsolete or wrong numbers.
  • You can schedule messages to go out any time of night or day
  • Email marketing made easier and more successful

Maxim enables you to create auto-response emails to any given customer behaviour

  • For example, if a customer has not visited for longer than normal, the system will automatically send them an appropriate email to encourage them to re-engage.
  • Special offer vouchers can be pre-configured and scheduled for sent-out
  • You can use the system to send instant emails or to schedule highly targeted, personalised campaigns

Direct Mail

  • Maxim seamlessly integrates with a choice of five partnered web-to-print suppliers, making Direct Mail easy and highly cost-effective
  • The partners will print, collate, send and monitor to your selected database.

At point of sale

  • Use Maxim to generate Kiosk vouchers when people arrive; this saves on the cost of Direct Mail and ensures you only print what will be used
  • Integrate with your EPOS system to collect real-time information and generate vouchers and news of events etc., to hand out at the till

Built-in controls stop customers receiving too much marketing from you

  • You can set a limit, for example you can cap your system so a member can only receive six communications in total in any one month – e.g. two emails, one piece of direct mail and three SMS’s

Manage returns, opt-ins and opt-outs

  • Maxim has a built-in feed from the Royal Mail to help you to manage gone-aways, deceased and undeliverables
  • IDS’s 82830 SMS platform will stop sending to a customer when it has delivered 5 times without a delivery receipt.
  • Maxim manages all ‘stop’ marketing generated by customers and operations, and also manages all ‘start’
  • Stops and starts can be effected on one channel without it affecting others

Create loyalty programmes with ease

  • Records visits and expenditure
  • Distributes rewards from a catalogue of options which you control
  • Rewards can be earned immediately or on subsequent visits
  • Use virtual loyalty cards by integrating with a mobile app

Manage your events with style

  • Maxim will easily manage the administration of whole events, including payments and ticketless entry

Link Maxim to your mobile app or niche software

  • Maxim contains a full back-end API infrastructure, which allows your App builder to integrate your mobile Apps with Maxim
  • We can build apps for you if you don’t have your own App builder
  • Customers can download your App and immediately use it as a virtual membership card, for example
  • You can send vouchers and messages to customers via your App from Maxim

Enable your staff to walk around using Maxim

  • We have created a number of apps which enable your staff to use Maxim on tablets and mobiles, so they can log and manage data whilst engaging with customers

Benefit from EPOS integration at the tills

  • Maxim already links with many EPOS systems for unrivalled management information
  • Analyse customer spending: on which items, how much and when

Comply easily with Self-Exclusion law

  • We are proud to have created the Self-Exclusion systems for members of The Bingo Association and BACTA. Maxim systems supplied to the gaming industry integrate with Self-Exclusion where required

Control access by applying authorisation levels

  • Maxim includes role management, so you can grant or deny access to different parts of the system across your employees and senior team members.
  • For example, your managers can set up a scheduler and write their own messaging tailored to their customers, whom they know and understand. They can promote their own individual events and dovetail with head office information
  • You can require management approval of all marketing before it goes out

Send instant information across relevant staff or customers

  • If the school has to close in an emergency, or someone who is banned or self-excluded tries to use your services, or someone has won an award and needs congratulating, your team member enters the information, and hits ‘save’ to send it off to everyone in the loop instantly

Manage attendance

  • Use Maxim to manage staff attendance by requiring them to log in and out
  • This can be used for any type of reporting such as fire safety, participation in training programmes, holidays etc.

Maxim has proved useful for Police or employment law evidence thanks to effective information tracking


ISD are accredited with ISO 27001:2013

This means that we have met the global standard for effective information management.
ISO 27001-certified organisations can show that they have taken steps to protect data in the event of a breach.

Our Clients

‘We have worked with ISD for over 15 years, with both companies prospering through this relationship. Our business has evolved through the innovative products they offer and we have security in the knowledge that ISD understands and caters to the needs of our business.’

Jodie Davis, Marketing Executive
Castle Leisure Ltd

Praesepe has been using the Maxim platform for over ten years.

The system will allow you to segment your database using traditional marketing channels, which drives admissions and footfall to clubs and venues.

Maxim will also link to current self exclusion platforms, keeping your business fully compliant.

The team are constantly enhancing their products in order to keep ahead of the game.

Phil Gibbs, Operations Manager
Praesepe, which incorporates Beacon Bingo and Cashino Gaming

“Carlton has benefitted from a long term relationship with ISD, developing our bingo IT systems. In an ever-changing technological world with the compliance challenges this creates,  it is reassuring to be able to turn to a team who can “speak our language” in a user-friendly way.”

Mike Watret, Managing Director
Carlton Bingo

The Maxim membership system has transformed how we engage with our customers.

In conjunction with the 82830 messaging system, has led to a significant saving on our CRM spend, with improved response rates too, a double win for our business!


Mark Jepp Managing Director
Majestic Bingo

“The ISD team delivered a first rate Membership system that has helped to continue the growth of our Business. They’ve continued to innovate and develop the system and have delivered everything they promised.”

Lee Rich
BJ's Bingo

“ISD offers a bingo membership system unrivalled by any other product; many years of hard-earned experience have enabled the firm to create a user-friendly and flexible product. I can highly recommend ISD’s product.”

Anthony Vines
Praesepe PLC

“ISD provides an excellent service and a very high-quality product. Their knowledge and expertise is excellent and I would have no hesitation in either using ISD or recommending them to anyone else.”

Wayne Davies
Castle Leisure

“ISD delivers on time, and if a change is required the turnaround time is second to none. I found the team extremely approachable and always willing to help. The team has fantastic design and programming abilities.”

Stuart Lawson
Gala Coral Group

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