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At our core, MAXIM stands as our flagship, but our expertise extends far beyond that, encompassing extensive experience in developing custom software and apps.

Our primary focus is assisting businesses in their transformational journey to enhance the way they operate.

The process we follow is straightforward yet effective:

  1. We begin by helping you clearly and efficiently define your requirements using plain English.
  2. Leveraging some of the world’s leading tools and technologies, we design the software to meet your specific needs.
  3. Throughout the journey, we work closely with you to test and implement the software, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your goals before deployment on your production servers.
  4. Ensuring top-notch performance, we thoroughly verify the data integrity, ensuring the software performs impeccably based on your requirements.
  5. We are committed to continually monitoring and maintaining the performance of both the database and the application. Should the need arise, we collaborate with you to optimise these features, guaranteeing the utmost reliability and stability of your application.

Our approach ensures a seamless and enjoyable experience as we help bring your software visions to life.




Because of our long-standing reputation as a technology leader in the gambling sector, Bacta approached us with a brief to design, develop and deliver a brand-new online user portal.

An integral part of the brief was the need to capture all customer interactions, and record and manage self-exclusions. This would be a shift from their old paper-based system of recording customer interactions to a web-based platform, providing a more robust and user-friendly interface for members to help protect players and abide by LCCP regulations.

Therefore the new system would drive operational efficiencies for their members, and store the information in a more robust and compliant way.

Taking place prior to the global pandemic, the initial task was to deliver the self-exclusion module. We worked alongside Bacta and an industry user group made up of some of their members, and got to the point where an early version of the system was ready to test. But testing and roll-out had to be put on-hold as Covid-19 hit the UK, and the government closed down all non-essential businesses, which included all of Bacta’s members, many of whom were furloughed.

But that didn’t stop the continuation of development. It had become increasingly apparent that customer interactions and self-exclusion conversations are very closely related, so it was decided that these would be integrated and developed further into a “single user-journey”.

This meant that by the time restrictions were eased, we had a more developed version of the Portal ready for the User Group to start testing when they returned to work and opened for trading.

Throughout the project, we were supported by bringing in the services of a brand and marketing business, who have specialist knowledge of the sector. RJ Brand Design helped us design the brand look and feel, and also the user-interface for the system. Working with us, they further supported Bacta with the development of the user guide, training video, and marketing materials.

Bacta Portal was formally launched in September 2021. In its current state, Bacta Portal records all customer interactions, including self-exclusion of customers from their own, and other operator’s AGCs / MSAs (Motorway Service Areas). The system ensures that members comply with the LCCP, and it also provides the Bacta team with the ability to set-up wide-area exclusions through some fantastic new Google Map-driven functionality.

Further enhancements and modules are in development by us, and will be added in the coming months. These will include:

  • Age Verification
  • Crime Alerts
  • Compliance Handbook
  • Staff training materials
    …and more.

Bacta Portal is now being used day-to-day across Bacta’s network of members, and forms an integral part of their operations.


Bacta is the trade association that represents the interests of Britain’s amusements and high street gaming manufacturers and operators.

The industry, whose roots date back to pre-war Britain, is employed in the delivery of what recent research conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (PwC) referred to as socially responsible, value for money and FUN!

Businesses represented by Bacta can be found on every high street in Britain and whose income helps to sustain tourist attractions, particularly at the coast.

Our solutions include:

  • Debtors
  • Creditors
  • General Ledger
  • Cash Accounting
  • Payroll
  • Stock Management
  • Bill of Materials
  • Marina Accounting and Berth Management
  • Membership Management
  • Direct Marketing
  • Print Management

We put our success down to:

  • Great customer service and support
  • Listening to customers’ requirements and their users’ needs
  • Continually evolving our products
  • Utilising current technologies to deliver efficient, user friendly solutions.

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ISD are accredited with ISO 27001:2013

This means that we have met the global standard for effective information management.
ISO 27001-certified organisations can show that they have taken steps to protect data in the event of a breach.

Our Clients

‘We have worked with ISD for over 15 years, with both companies prospering through this relationship. Our business has evolved through the innovative products they offer and we have security in the knowledge that ISD understands and caters to the needs of our business.’

Jodie Davis, Marketing Executive
Castle Leisure Ltd

Praesepe has been using the Maxim platform for over ten years.

The system will allow you to segment your database using traditional marketing channels, which drives admissions and footfall to clubs and venues.

Maxim will also link to current self exclusion platforms, keeping your business fully compliant.

The team are constantly enhancing their products in order to keep ahead of the game.

Phil Gibbs, Operations Manager
Praesepe, which incorporates Beacon Bingo and Cashino Gaming

“Carlton has benefitted from a long term relationship with ISD, developing our bingo IT systems. In an ever-changing technological world with the compliance challenges this creates,  it is reassuring to be able to turn to a team who can “speak our language” in a user-friendly way.”

Mike Watret, Managing Director
Carlton Bingo

The Maxim membership system has transformed how we engage with our customers.

In conjunction with the 82830 messaging system, has led to a significant saving on our CRM spend, with improved response rates too, a double win for our business!


Mark Jepp Managing Director
Majestic Bingo

“The ISD team delivered a first rate Membership system that has helped to continue the growth of our Business. They’ve continued to innovate and develop the system and have delivered everything they promised.”

Lee Rich
BJ's Bingo

“ISD offers a bingo membership system unrivalled by any other product; many years of hard-earned experience have enabled the firm to create a user-friendly and flexible product. I can highly recommend ISD’s product.”

Anthony Vines
Praesepe PLC

“ISD provides an excellent service and a very high-quality product. Their knowledge and expertise is excellent and I would have no hesitation in either using ISD or recommending them to anyone else.”

Wayne Davies
Castle Leisure

“ISD delivers on time, and if a change is required the turnaround time is second to none. I found the team extremely approachable and always willing to help. The team has fantastic design and programming abilities.”

Stuart Lawson
Gala Coral Group

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